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Business Simulators

by Luis Vergani



In these pages 'Business Simulation Games' you will find the documentation, description and support materials for the business simulation workshops offered by Luis Vergani's team.

Our goal

Help to improve your management skills by using the technology intelligently.

Our philosophy

This is not just a business - nothing is more fun than doing what you love to do!
We are a team of practitioners and teachers who offer only those services we know how to provide well.

Driving forces

Our value proposition is all about the intelligent aplication of technology to the business, focusing on a few core concepts: knowledge managent, technology management and simulation scenarios.

Who are we

We are a team of specialists in several related fields, lead by Luis Vergani.
We inhabit the virtual space, physically based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
We are willing to interchange information, share experiences, explore business opportunities.
We kindly invite you to contact us via e-mail, we will answer!

The methodology

All these courses and modules contain concrete and quantitative examples in digital form, that the participants keep after the workshops. The exercises deploy simulation models and business games.

We prioritize the contents, applying the latest informacion technology not to show off, but in order to improve the efficacy, efficiency and user friendliness of the learning process.

The business simulation programs

Several programs are offered, all in the format of business simulation workshops.
All of them share some distinctive characteristics:


  • In-company training.
  • Open courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels, as well as executive education programs.
  • Building blocks of the companies' professional development programs.


Students and employers pay ever more attention at the cost / benefit ratio of the tranining programs.
If a program fails to deliver an applicable toolbox, will be discarded. It is no longer sufficient with the unidirectional teaching mode so loved by many business schools: it is also necessary to train for the action.
Business games workshops like these used to be avoided because ot their prohibitive cost - not any more.
These games are economically and easily implemented, allowing the participants the inmersion in a high efficient learn-by-doing process.

Teaching style

They are theoretical-practical presential workshops.
They can be seen as an evolution of the case method: to solve the dynamic case in real time, quatitatively, with near instantaneous feedback, in competition with other teams.
The role of the instructor is crucial: this is nothing like a game in the cloud.


The workshops are available in English and in Spanish. They are beeing used througout the Americas and Spain.

Required infrastructure

The workshop takes place in a room with the usual facilities: whiteboad, flipchart, etc., and in particular::
  • A digital projector.
  • Internet access for the instructor's PC.
The game runs on an IT platform. Each competing team operates a workstation.
The simulation program and the database are located at the instructor's machine, which the teams' PCs access through a wired or wireless network.
Two frequent scenarios are:
  1. To work in an existent IT room, normally configured by the IT tech personnel.
  2. To use the intructor's own laptop plus a wirless router. The students utilize their own laptops, which access the WiFi router and execute the program residing in the instructor's machine. Nothing needs to be installed in the teams' PCs. See the support page.

Some references

These simulation workshops were born in the 90's at the Engineering School of the University of Buenos Aires.
Evolving in their didactic concept as well as in their IT platform, they are now MS VisualStudio applications.
They are deployed in college environment at ITBA, EOI, UTDT, UTN and MateriaBiz.
And in the corporate world at Techint, Siemens, Philip Morris, Coca Cola and others.
Un juego en acci�n


You may download the SimSim simulator in its "team" version.
  • Unload this file simsim.zip und uncompress its contents to any folder of a local storage unit, or to a pen drive.
Execute SimSim.exe.  The first time the application will ask for startup options, please take the following:
and take the following options:
  • Languaje: your choice, English and Spanish are currently available
  • Database: Access
  • The data file name is: simsim.mdb
  • Company: A
  • Company password: AAAA
These options will be rememberd. The next times the app will take them automatically.
For further information, please refer to the
SimSim page. For technical issues see the support page.

Copyright notice

All the contents exposed in these pages are intelectual property of Luis Vergani.
They are published for the students' individual training, and for evaluation purposes, not to be utilized in collective training sessions.
The programs presented here are not freeware, nor shareware, open source or GNU: it is all commercial software, and as such any unauthorized usage is subject to prosecution within the extent of the law.
Should you be interested in utilizing these tools, please contact us to agree conditions.
We will answer!


Send Luis a message:

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