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These business simulation programs run under a Microsoft operating system. The programs' user interfase  is simple, after the Windows - Office llok and feel.
The programs are to a large extent self documented, with popups explaining the relevant topics. At the startup a language option is offered, either English or Spanish. A help and documentation subsystem is accesible through the programs' menues.
No setup or installation process is required. The programs run either on a CD, a pen drive, or the hard disk.
Each simulation system is composed of two programs:

Students' program

The student version of the program allows for all functions regarding numerical and graphical information and decision making.
After the class, the students may copy the program, its associated files and the database file, to continue the analysis in an off line mode. But performing actual simulations is not possible.

Instructor's program

The instructor's program version is similar to the students one, adding the capability of performing the simulations, and other administrative tasks.

Required infrastructure

The simulation workshop takes place in a classroon using computers, desktops or laptops.
The room must be furnished with the usual facilities, among them:
  • A digital projector.
  • Internet access for the instructor's machine, required for the online validation of the license.
As it is a competitive and interactive game, the computers must be networked, for each one to be able to access the central database. There are two possible architectures:
  1. To work in a preconfigured IT classroom, normally assisted by the local IT personnel, or
  2. Using the instructor's laptop as a server plus a wireless access point. The students use their own machines, connected to the WiFi node, accessing directly the "team" version of the program located at the instructor's server. Nothing needs to be installed at the students' machines.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to run the simulator?

Yes, because nothing needs to be "installed" (see next topic). As usually, be cautios and observe the security rules, especially if the program will run on a machine connected to a corporate network.

Please check by yourself the files with your own antivirus program before using them.

  • How do I install the simulation program?

These simulation programs do not require any setup or installation process.
No administrator rights.
No libraries will be copied or registered.
Neither plugins nor cookies.
No need to open or enable ports or protocols that could expose you to undesired access.
Just copy the program and the data files to any folder and execute the program file [simulator].exe
  • Is it necessary to copy the files to my hard drive?

You may, but you don't need to. It runs just fine from a removable storage, pen drive or CD/DVD.
  • Will it run if installed on a network resource?

Regularly yes. If you work on a corporate net environment with strict securitiy restrictions, the program might refuse to run. In that case, copy the files to a local storage and execute the .exe from there.

  • Is it a cloud application running directly within a browser?
  • Under which operating system does it run?

Any version of Microsoft � Windows 10, 8 or 7, 32 or 64 bits.
  • Are there any software prerequisites?

  • This warning popus up: "The software designer cannot be identified. Do you wish to execute this software?"

It is a routine question, answer affirmatively.
  • Is a database server necessary?

This program can run on two scenarios: SQLServer or Access file. In the classroom the SQLServer fashion is preferred..
The students may use the Access file in a standalone mode.
  • Will I need Internet connectivity?

No, this is a desktop application.
However you will need Internet to access the on line documentation.


The programs and documentation are subject to these copyright conditions.

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